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How NOT to frame an argument. Examples of illusory correlations here abound. Why is everything hinging on this stuff now? Perhaps some of the people on the list are less “bankable” in the industry parlance. Is that gender-related? I doubt it. It’s more about the types of roles that people are willing to fork out cash to see. People want spectacle, not story. Not every action flick is bad, but not every period drama is good, either. The mind-boggling part is that people are uptight regarding the differences in pay (the reasons are open to debate, but I seriously don’t buy it’s about gender) over VERY RICH people to start with! It’s not like a waitress being paid less than a waiter, say, where it might be an issue. But when someone is taking home millions of dollars per picture… gimme a break, already! Get better representation! —

March 06, 2018 at 01:28PM
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