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Democrats have to get out and vote in EVERY election. Even elections with boring candidates. Just sitting it out or going with the safe option (instead of voting your conscience) is how we got here with respect to issues such as guns and so on.During Obama’s tenure, we gave away 900+ seats to the GOP on every level of government. So, while people scream about Trump being to blame for all this gun stuff, the fact remains that if you only voted because you wanted Hillary in as POTUS, or because Barack was mixed race (he’s not black–he’s mixed race), then you only have yourself to blame if you’re now alarmed about gun violence.The issues should be what matter (guns, economic policy, foreign policy, military spending, etc), not the social-identity politicking, or the “resistance” to this-or-that. By the time you have to mount a “resistance” to something, you’ve already lost. That means you’re starting from behind, when in reality you need to be two steps (or more) ahead. The arrogance of the Democrats is really sort of mindblowing to me at this point. We should be more humble, and get back to our roots, and those roots are not enshrined in the halls of elite academic institutions, or produced by the mainstream media: They are the foundations of the people who are working stiffs, and thought-leaders such as Dr. ML King, or Harvey Milk. Not elites. Not the rich Neoliberals.That includes holding those Bill Clinton Democratic traitors to these causes (the Third Wayers and Blue Dog Democrats, for example) accountable and voting them out. Replace them with actual liberals, not neolibs. Just being a modern Democrat doesn’t mean you’re a liberal, just as being a radical leftist doesn’t make you anything more than a jerk if your goal is to inflict anarchy and mayhem. That’s not how we are constructed as a society.We have to stop dividing up everyone and everything. The traditional mottot of the US is E. PLURIBUS UNUM, which means “out of many, one.” Likewise, a great military strategy is to divide and conquer. These are oppositional ideas. We cannot keep ourselves unified as a nation by carving our populace into smaller and smaller warring factions. The Democrats are doing this to consolidate power, and this strategy is a losing one for the country overall. We are Earthings first, then humans, then (here) Americans, then everything else. If you don’t agree and you’re blinded by your hatred or infatuation for another intersectional group, or are promoting the notion that one group is a victim and another is dominating all others, you are the problem, not the answer. We have to come together, or there will be more Trumps in the future. And worse ones. —February 16, 2018 at 04:40PM
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