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Yep. We’re in grave danger of undermining society with this absurd (and immature) adherence to dogma over reality, lately from the increasingly fragile and alarmist Left. Though I’m a Leftist, I’m not an alarmist or fragile. This has to stop or we’re going to undo our progress by not being taken seriously. From the piece:“If those of us on the left are unable to make distinctions between legitimate intellectual disagreements and damaging lies, we will be hoist with our own petard. Our eyes aren’t on the prize but on mutual evisceration in the name of holier-than-thou rectitude. This isn’t substantive intellectual debate. It’s schoolyard name-calling.”And, the worst part of it all (noted in the piece):“Is it that an untenured feminist philosopher has become demonized and subject to hate-filled emails and trolling? Is it that the journal that published her — and put her article through standard peer review — almost immediately threw her under the bus? Or is it that we’ve handed the right an opportunity to inveigh yet again against an elitist left that squashes free speech with its mindless groupthink?” #1984 —

February 14, 2018 at 01:17PM
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