The LeapFrog My Pal Toys Review

A great plush learning product from LeapFrog, the My Pal electronic stuffed animals are great fun for children as young as six months old.  These adorable little puppies come either as My Pal Scout, a green and white little plush puppy for boys, or My Pal Violet, a purple and white little plush puppy for girls.  These inventive little toys are great fun and will connect via USB port to the family computer in order to be personalized to any child for a great interactive experience that will keep children laughing and learning.

The My Pal plush toys each have a doggie tag that lights up during play, and each paw acts as a button.  Squeezing the lower left paw acts as the on/off button.  Squeezing the lower right paw induces the toy to sing lullabies.  Squeezing the upper left paw induces the toy to sing day time songs, and squeezing the upper right paw induces the toy to engage the child in fun learning activities.  The zipper at the back of a My Pal plush toy opens up to reveal the battery pack, along with the power and volume switch.  This is also where the USB port is located, so that the toy can be hooked up to the family computer.

With the LeapFrog software installed, parents can customize their child’s My Pal plush toy in a number of ways.  One significant customization they can make is to actually program their child’s name into the animal.  There is a large selection of names available to choose from so parents shouldn’t have any problem plugging in the right name so that the My Pal toy can address it’s little owner directly, and even encourage the child to spell his or her own name.  They can also set the child’s favorite animal, favorite color, and favorite food, which will allow the toy to interact with the child on a very personal level.

Parents can also customize the music that the My Pal plush toy plays.  The electronic puppy will hold up to up to five day time melodies and up to five lullaby melodies.  And parents can print a special Puppy Adoption Certificate, as well as lyrics and special fun coloring pages, all of which will help ignite the imagination of young children and give them a special connection to their little electronic plush puppy.

There are dozens of tunes available online to plug into the My Pal toys.  Day time songs can be played any time, and night time lullaby songs are meant to lull the child into a sweet restful slumber.  The lullabies paw can be squeezed once, twice, or three times for two, five, or ten minutes of lullaby melodies.

And squeezing the activities paw puts the electronic puppy into interactive mode where it will talk about the child’s favorite things, pretend to be other animals, count things like hiccups, and talk about feelings.

The My Pal plush toys Scout and Violet are definitely great little buddies for any young child that will encourage fun and learning all in the guise of an adorable little plush puppy that children can’t help but love.

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