Helen Georgia – Frog Pond Trail

If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to the exciting world of hiking, and nature, I have just the perfect spot to take them to, Frog Pond Trail. The Frog Pond Trail is located in the Georgia’s Unicoi State Park

Frog Pond Trail is a short and fairly low impact hike that takes a scenic mountain loop of less than a half mile down through a mountain forest, around a mountain pond, and back up to the visitors center at Unicoi Lodge in Helen Ga.

If you park at the trails entrance directly behind the Unicoi Lodge, there is no fee for parking. Upon first entering this trail hikers take a progression of short downhill steps made from large railroad ties, and at the bottom of the steps the trail levels out to a easily navigable grade.

From the very beginning, adults have the chance to teach children all about wildlife utilizing the interpretive markers that dot the entire trail showing pictures, and information about different types of trees in the forest, plants, and wildlife.

A few hundred more yards into the hike, hikers approach a large open wildlife-viewing field, which runs alongside a small probably one-acre mountain pond. The pond is well kept in its natural state, and upon approach comes alive with the sounds of small critters such as bullfrogs jumping in, and fish splashing away from the shoreline.

Beside the pond is a nice bench where you can sit with your child and talk, or spread out a blanket in the open field for a nice family picnic lunch.

After leaving the pond area, you’re about halfway through the trail, and will approach another set of steps leading back to the parking area.

Frog Pond Trail is very clear, well maintained, wide, and well marked. The hike is fairly short, and there’s enough to see to keep about any youngster interested. A simple hike like this can leave a lasting positive impression on young kids in turn opening up the doors for a future interest in the great outdoors, and the mental and physical benefits of hiking.

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