The Curieuse Marine National Park A Wonder Of Nature

Described as a wonder of nature this park is a place you must visit whilst you journey in the breathtakingly beautiful island of Seychelles. The park is the home of rare species like the black parrot and the large star tortoise. Travellers to this park are surely in for a trip of their lives as the attractions here are worthy of exploring. The park is also a sanctuary to many other unique animal species, especially on the North West of the Praslin Island.
The Praslin Island is about only a 1.78 mere square metres in size but it has a magnificent biodiversity. The unique black parrots and giant tortoise that call this sanctuary home were brought to the park from the renowned Aldabra Atoll nearby. Travellers can also see the famous and rare palm trees known as the coco de mere, which were grown on the island naturally.
The Praslin Islands own Curieuse Marine Park is now regarded an UNESCO world heritage site and it is a famous attraction that has thronged many people from around the world to this beautiful island. The park is also well maintained by its government and officials. The Island was earlier known as Rouge, due to its red earth, however, the French named it La Curieuse when they took possession of the island in 1766 and later for some time it became a place where lepers were resident and treated.
Today the doctors residence has become a museum and an educational centre to many in the island. The museum also stands as another attraction to explore whilst at the park. The park has an abundance of trees and plant life and it is an ideal venue for bird watching, driving, barbeques, picnics and snorkelling.
What is more, the park is also famous for its endemic vine and over eight varieties of mangrove swamps. On the borders of the Baie Laraie, there is a walkway for visitors to explore the park in detail and they too can enjoy the tortoise nursery, which is a must see whilst at the premises.
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