Tree Frog Care Secrets

Tree frogs are Fascinating creatures of this earth and can be excellent pets if cared for properly. Currently there is no resource on how to properly care for your tree frog at home. There are a few processes in the process of caring for your tree frog that can go wrong and cause your frog to get ill. Tree frogs that do get ill are actually quite hard to bring right again which means prevention in this case is the best cure.

This places even more emphasis on vivarium set up and your automated frog care solutions to be set up the right way the first time. Frogs do not like to be handled to much so constantly going back and changing the vivarium all the time can become stressful for your tree frog.

As some frogs, known as exotic pets, can be expensive it is well worth investing in a resource that will teach you the exact steps Required in order to breed and care for your own colony of tree frogs. Whether you are dealing with the common garden frog or the much documented red eyed tree frog, this tree frog care manual is all you will need to become the envy of all tree frog enthusiasts. However in the end you must be the one to decide for yourself Whether you really need this manual or not.

Another aspect of tree frogs that is not covered all that much on the web is tree frog breeding. Some tree frog species can fetch a hefty price so if you can come up with an effective automated breeding plan, you can make a decent amount of money. I have been doing this for awhile so I know where you can go wrong. Its not a complicated process by any means. In the most part nature takes its course. However providing the optimal breeding conditions hence making it profitable can prove difficult even for the pro.

You see I have 10 years experience in the tree frog field an have had my ups and downs but I have come up with what I think is a pretty good system of caring for these guys. I just hate to see so many stories of frogs dying around the world and want to do my bit towards informing the public on Legitimate tree frog care. In the hope that less frogs die as a result.

Many people think that encouraging the art of caring for frogs at home as pets will only add the problem of spreading the virus. I
Believe that global efforts towards informing the public on the problem on how to deal with declining frog numbers is a step in the right direction.

I would love to hear your viewpoint on this and I understand that not everyone sees eye to eye.

If you are not aware off this here is a paragraph explaining the problem

“Chytridiomycosis is an infectious disease that is affecting frog species all over the world. Thought to be worsened by global warming this disease is a fungus that has dramatically reduced frog populations. DO NOT transfer frog populations in your area without contacting local authorities. Hopefully scientists can come up with a cure because at this point there seems to be none.”

So join me in understanding what the effects of global warming and the human race is having on the animals that share our world so that we can better care and protect them in the future

I am just here to be of any assistance that I can. I have a 14 day ecourse ready for you at to kick start your tree frog keeping.

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