Adorable Frog Plush Toy & Frog Facts

Sometimes it’s hard to get excited over your child’s latest plush animal craze especially when it leans towards snakes and other creepy crawlies. Frog plush toys are one of those stuffed aniamls that you may not be too keen on purchasing since they don’t seem all that cute and cuddly when compared to the iconic teddy bear. Frog plush toys that are made today, however, are much more adorable than you might think and like teddy bears, they are made with soft, plush fur that is just as conducive to hugging as any teddy bear out there.

Children are particularly fascinated with bringing the outside in which may explain their sudden interest in frog plush toys. If they requested a frog as a pet and received a firm no, their next best option is to have a frog plush toy. While not the real thing, frog plush toys can provide a measure of comfort to a child that has been disappointed in not getting what they really wanted to begin with.

Frogs are amphibians which means they are cold-blooded. They do not have scales like reptiles and they go back to the water when it’s time to breed. Frogs are designed for life in the water which is why their eyes and nostrils are on the top of their head this way they are able to see and breathe while their body is under water. Adult frogs do breathe with their lungs but their skin also absorbs oxygen. Despite most frog species that spend the majority of time in the water, frogs don’t drink it it’s absorbed through their skin.

In the world of frogs there are some 4000 species which likely would be shocking to a child that could comprehend that enormous number. They probably never could have imagined that the backyard frog they admired and picked up had so many ‘cousins!’ 88 species of the 4000, live in the Unites States and Canada. In fact, frogs can be found all over the world except in Antarctica and Iceland. There are some species of frog that lay as many as 25,000 eggs while others lay as few as four. The earliest frog fossils to date that have been found were located in Arizona; it’s believed they were from the last Jurasic period which was 190 million years ago.

With so many frog species to choose from, finding the perfect frog plush toys may be no easy task. No need to worry, however, as frog plush toys have not quite caught up to the number of frog species that currently exist and frankly, may never catch up. Since most children will have no concept as to the number of types of frogs that live all over the world, what they are most concerned about, is just having a frog plush toy that can act as a ‘stand in’ of sorts for the one they love to play with in their yard.

Angeline Hope is a collector of wildlife plush toys. You can view a selection of wildlife plush toys including frog plush toy animals at MyBigPlush.

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